Reflexology & Reiki

Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment for the feet.  Hands and ears may be worked on as well.  The feet and hands have multiple nerve endings, meridians (energy pathways) and correspondences to other body parts and systems.   You can receive therapeutic benefits for the whole body just through your feet! Working on the feet can also rebalance the flow of energy throughout the entire body.  It is a very relaxing experience. 

Reiki (chi, qi, prana) are all words meaning “life force energy”.  Reiki and other forms of energy work rebalance this energy throughout the body. It is a very holistic approach, which addresses the physical, mental and emotional levels of the individual.  The practitioner channels this life force energy to the client to create healing as opposed to superficial fixes.  Kerry combines reflexology with energy work for her clients in order to achieve maximum benefit.  Kerry intuitively “reads” her clients during a session in order to determine what they need.  The type of issues Kerry addresses include but are not limited to:  physical pain or discomfort, past life issues, emotional trauma that has been stored in the body, and boundary (physical and energetic) issues, and clearing of non-beneficial energy blocks.  Sometimes a client’s loved one or pet will show up with a message.  Every session is very unique!

Distance Healing can be done from anywhere. Phone sessions may be scheduled for Reiki and other forms of energy work. Be sure to schedule a time when you can have uninterrupted peace and quiet during your session. Reflexology can be done in person only.  Healing sessions including Reiki can be done in person or by phone. Distance is irrelevant regarding energy work.

Reflexology and/or Reiki do NOT diagnose medical conditions, nor do they replace medical care. Kerry is certified in Claire Marie Miller’s Integrative Reflexology and is a certified Reiki practitioner.