About Kerry Swick

I have been working in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer since 1998, and as a certified kettlebell instructor since 2006. I spent several years working at the Duquense Club Health & Fitness Center and have provided corporate fitness training programs for various companies around Pittsburgh. I previously owned my own gym, Pittsburgh Kettlebells, from 2011-2018. Although I still work with a few personal training clients, I am not currently expanding my personal training business. I’m now focusing my efforts on providing healing work, which includes Reflexology, Reiki and other forms of energy work. I also provide energy work and communication for animals. I can communicate with your beloved pets and people who have crossed over, both sending and receiving messages.

My transition into this line of work started in earnest a couple of years ago when I began Lynn McKenzie’s Animal Energy Work certification program. I’ve since completed that certification in addition to both Reflexology and Reiki certifications. I’ve had many great teachers along the way, especially the many animals I’ve had the privilege to work with. I’ve found that I have a natural affinity for healing work, and I enjoy it immensely.

I have always had very strong intuitive abilities but never quite knew how to fully develop them or put them to good use. As I embarked on these various training programs, the floodgates opened! I started with animal communication and realized that the animals understood my abilities better than I did! I get messages from wild animals and birds regularly. Random cats, dogs and other animals that I see as I go about my day often speak to me. Deceased relatives (both my own and those of others) started showing up with messages for me or for their loved ones who are still here. These types of occurrences have become a part of my daily life. It is very gratifying to provide these services for others.

My abilities include: reflexology, healing energy work for animals and people, communicating with your animal companions on your behalf, mediumship (communicating with pets and loved ones who have passed), helping you to identify your animal totems and guides, classes and individual coaching.